Custom LED & LCD Screens

Catch the eye and effectively deliver your message with a custom screen from Active Displays. Working via a premier manufacturer, we are able to create customised visual displays that meet your exacting requirements.

While we offer a wide range of different screen sizes and types, we understand that some applications require a tailored approach. Our team will work with you from start to finish; we take the time to gain an in depth understanding of your needs to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

We can provide display panels in a wide range of sizes and these can either be fixed or mobile depending on your requirements.

Premium quality LCD panels

LCD – short for liquid crystal display – is a flat panel screen suited to a wide range of applications. Offering high quality imagery in a wide range of sizes, our custom LCD screens are suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured by BenQ, our LCD products are some of the most advanced in the industry – so you can count on our screens to deliver superior optical quality for many years to come.

Innovative LED panels

Technically speaking, LED (light emitting diode) screens are LCD screens. LED technology still makes use of a liquid crystal display, however the difference is in the backlighting: LED panels use an array of smaller, more efficient light emitting diodes to illuminate the screen.

The main advantages of choosing a custom LED screen is the size; they are lightweight and slim, meaning they can be installed in virtually any setting. In addition, you will find that this type of display is more energy efficient and produces a slightly better picture.

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From music festivals and public events, through to outdoor advertising campaigns, Active Displays can deliver the custom screen you need to get your message across. We love a challenge; if you need something out of the ordinary, we have the engineering capabilities needed to deliver the ideal product.

For more information about custom LCD and LED panels, don’t hesitate to contact us today.